Lease Administration and Rental Analysis

CITYSKY has the infrastructure and resources to rapidly fill vacant premises in order to ensure the best results and returns. Our professional team of consultants is able to provide our clients with a range of services, including:

  • Advising on improvements to the rental property so as to result in an optimal commercially viable space.
  • Recommending letting policies and leasing terms as required by prevailing market conditions, and in accordance with legislation and portfolio objectives.
  • Handling all matters relating to the letting of space, such as coordinating the marketing activities of vacant areas - these include advertising, liaising with other property agents, vetting of tenants and the drawing up and finalisation of leases.
  • Ensuring vacant premises are in good condition and taking care of the showing of premises to prospective tenants.
  • Cancellation of leases upon specific instruction of our clients.
  • Ensuring full compliance with legislation at all times.

Management Accounting

CITYSKY is able to provide the necessary administrative and accounting services of our clients’ portfolios, if and when required. These include all accounting and financial management services related to rent collection, such as:

  • The rendering of a detailed monthly report, including monthly statements, rent roll and status reports on the property income, value etc.
  • The preparation of a detailed annual budget of anticipated income and expenditure for the property portfolio.
  • The provision of detailed monthly reporting of actual financial results.
  • Maintaining full financial and administrative records in relation to the administration of the property in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (GAAP).
  • The rendering of financial statements in the format acceptable to our clients’ auditors.
  • The provision of full accounting services for property operations as agreed to with our clients and our clients’ auditors from time to time.
  • The maintenance of full records on behalf of our clients, reflecting and containing original tax invoices for VAT return purposes.

Tenant Relations

CITYSKY understands that tenant relations are one of the most important aspects of property management, and believes in the economic benefits of continuous, stable tenant relations. Our skilled and efficient management team is able to:

  • Attend to tenants’ requests promptly and courteously.
  • Enforce rules of conduct.
  • Ensure that lease terms and conditions and understood and abided by.

Valuations and Insurance

Through a full-service valuation facility, CITYSKY has the resources to:

  • Obtain valuations of the property for the purposes of insurance.
  • Procure, on the instruction of our client, reports from quantity surveyors (pre-approved by the client) of an estimated replacement value against fire and other risks of the building for consideration by our client.
  • Arrange, on the instruction of our client’s insurance company, to stipulate all risks, public liability, and details of political riots, including loss of rental (and turnover rental if appropriate), and all other relevant risks that are applicable to the property.
  • On the instruction of our client, procure payment of insurance premiums and ensure the building remains insured at the values required by our clients from time to time.
  • Co-ordinate any repair occasioned by damage covered under the insurance policy and the recovery of funds thus disbursed.


CITYSKY has the expertise to identify properties in our clients’ portfolios that do not result in optimal returns, and to recommend a suitable strategy to dispose of such property. Disposal services include the following:

  • Facilitating the disposal of these properties at the best market related prices.
  • Employing the services of CITYSKY’s experienced in-house property broking team to dispose of the building.

Facilities Management

  • CITYSKY offers full-service facilities management services at competitive rates, and is able to source the most suitable and cost-effective service providers for any task related to the maintenance and/ management of building facilities.

Building Maintenance

  • CITYSKY will attend to the control, management and maintenance of the property on behalf of our client.
  • We will undertake inspection of the building, formulate reports and recommend maintenance and refurbishment where required.
  • CITYSKY will perform monthly inspections of the property and report on any problems that may be encountered.
  • We will draw up maintenance cost schedules/ budgets as and when necessary, but subject to prior written consent of our client, in consultation with professional consultants.

Electricity and Water Management

  • CITYSKY consults experts in the field of electricity and water management to facilitate the best recoveries for our clients.
  • We take the necessary steps to ensure accurate meter readings and billing, in order to reduce the cost of electricity and water for our clients.

Risk Management

  • CITYSKY recognises the importance of risk management and therefore enforces adequate and proactive continuous risk management. We constantly monitor all potential liabilities that could affect the economic and effective operation of properties, buildings and their related facilities.

Security and Cleaning Services

  • CITYSKY’s property management approach integrates the essential services of security and cleaning into our clients’ property portfolios.
  • In order to provide a cost-effective yet optimally beneficial service, we conduct a thorough pre-implementation assessment of the security and cleaning requirements necessary.
  • CITYSKY takes care of the appointment, management and effective supervision of all maintenance, cleaning and security staff employed at the property.

Parking Management

  • CITYSKY’s integrated property management approach takes into consideration the crucial aspect of parking, which adds significant value and revenue potential to any property.
  • CITYSKY will assess the status and potential of the parking area/ lot and implement measures, in consultation with the client, to optimise returns on parking revenue.